The Stores Marketing Platform

Adam & Eve is the most recognized adult brand in the industry. Couple this with years of awards presented to us for being the top adult retail store in the business and you have a recipe for success. We understand that you did not purchase a franchise to spend your time putting together marketing strategies and schedules. That being said—we understand the importance of marketing and the integral part it plays in your success. It is for this reason that Adam & Eve Stores Franchising is committed to ensuring that we support your local digital and grassroots marketing initiatives. We will still recommend that you spend an additional 4% of your gross sales on other paid digital and social advertising in your community.

Our Marketing Team has designed a fully automated digital marketing strategy will help you optimize mobile, social and organic customer acquisition will provide you continuous guidance on where to spend on the more traditional grassroots marketing in your local community. Here are some of the highlights of the support that you will receive from our Marketing Team.


We will start planning for the opening about 60 days prior to opening your Adam & Eve Store. Spending this effort prior to opening the doors will introduce the brand to the neighborhood but will also serve to create a “buzz” around what differentiates us from other brands that offer similar products. The Grand Opening event will be staged a few weeks after opening and will include a strong social media push, swag and events that will be heavily promoted in the community.


With the uptick in mobile search—digital marketing is imperative in building a strong local presence. This includes everything from your website to your social media. Our team is well prepared to provide you all the components to ensure that your local store ranks well in digital search.


As your local digital footprint for your business grows—your reputation is very important. The benefits of having a robust review strategy impact both your search results and how the community views your Adam & Eve Stores location.

We work with our local franchise partners to provide both reputation management services and social management so you can focus on your operation. We communicate and engage you as needed and alert you to any review or social interaction that needs your attention.


Our Marketing Department will create any collateral that will need for your local grass root marketing efforts. We also support local events with collateral and promote them through various social posts.

We will work closely with you to coordinate your annual marketing calendar and our marketing staff is available to visit with you as needed.