You don’t need any prior experience in owning your own business or operating a franchise business. We understand that the majority of new franchise owners do not have prior experience in owning their own business. We will teach you everything you need to know about owning a retail business. Our merchandisers are skilled at setting up your store to promote sales, and our trainers will ensure that you know your products.
Besides the obvious love of helping others, we believe that strong sales and customer service skills are important. Your Adam & Eve Store will be building on your willingness to develop relationships with your customers. You are the expert, and customers will look to you to provide advice on the products you sell.
Our initial training program consists of approximately one week of classroom and on-site training at company headquarters in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Your training program will include merchandising, product education, marketing, POS operations, customer service training and personnel training. In addition, our support team will be at your location for one week to work directly with you and your team during your opening.
Yes. Our plan is to begin working with you on locating and signing a lease for space that will provide you with the opportunity for success. We have a complete retail handbook that you will use to introduce our retail model to landlords and retail property owners. We will then begin working with you, your construction team and our suppliers to set up your store for retail success.
No. We do have a number of lending relationships that you may use; however, we find that local banking relationships are typically best. You may also personally finance the build-out and initial retail product that needs to be purchased.
Cost varies from location to location. In general the franchisee will need $80,000 of liquid assets (this includes the franchisee fee and working capital for build out, inventory, marketing and initial operation). The total estimated cost to open an Adam & Eve Retail store is between $170,000 and $350,000 as outlined in the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). These figures are only a guideline and not all-inclusive.
We are happy to get you started in learning more about our franchise opportunity. The first step is to complete our Lets Get Acquainted FORM. One of the members of our Franchise Sales Team will call you once the LGA Form has been submitted.
Absolutely! We understand that you may want the flexibility to open multiple locations and have complete control of your territory. You are provided a protected territory as part of your franchise agreement. We will also provide you a first right of refusal for adjacent territories at the time of your franchise closing.
The initial franchisee fee is $30,000. You will pay ongoing royalties of 5%. We also ask that you spend at least 5% on local advertising.
Our goal is to find locations that provide significant traffic. Our stores are considered “destination” stores. Free-standing buildings, strip centers and out parcels are all great locations. Because of the adult-themed product mix, local zoning and business licensing ordinances will impact where you are able to locate your business. Our typical store size is between 2,500 – 4,000 square feet. If possible, we want road visibility and prominent signage. We will work directly with your local real estate professional to help select the best location available.
Since our build out is not complicated, we will generally open within 6 – 9 months of signing your agreement. If your location has already been identified, the time to open can be reduced considerably.
Yes. We will assist you with all aspects of your opening and we will be in attendance.
We have an extensive social media policy that we have coupled with best practices. Some storeowners are better equipped than others to monitor and manage their social media presence. We will discuss this at length during training and you will be all set up before you open your Adam and Eve Store.