Adam and Eve

Sex and the Adam & Eve Stores Franchise Opportunity

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Does the thought of owning an adult products retail franchise business interest you? Did you even know that there was a franchise opportunity for that? Adam and Eve Stores franchise come with a brand name that’s widely recognized and respected, and it comes with a plan that’s proven to be overwhelmingly successful. We’ve opened quite a few Adam and Eve …

Learn More About Our Retail Franchise Opportunity

Devo Franchise Opportunity

If you’re thinking about entering the world of lingerie, sex toys and adult novelties, Adam and Eve retail stores are a great way in.  Our name and reputation precede us and help you garner great inventory at great prices, a large customer base that’s familiar with our name and brand, and corporate support that’s unparalleled.  Our franchise opportunity connects to …


Growth of Adam & Eve Retail Stores

Devo Franchise Opportunity

What Adam and Eve retail stores do, though, is helpful to a lot of other people.  Sure, anonymity is great–people get brave when their faces are hidden; but lots of other people are honestly just looking for ways to spice up their love lives and bring some fun back to what may have become a routine, boring bedroom.  Most of …


Adam & Eve: The Apple Was Only the Beginning

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People like sex, and since 1970, the Adam and Eve Corporation has been giving them all sorts of ways to explore the possibilities that first bite of apple brought to them. But talking about sex is sometimes easier said than done, hence the popularity of Adam and Eve’s online business. It provided people the opportunity to shop, fantasize and indulge …