Growth of Adam & Eve Retail Stores

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What Adam and Eve retail stores do, though, is helpful to a lot of other people.  Sure, anonymity is great–people get brave when their faces are hidden; but lots of other people are honestly just looking for ways to spice up their love lives and bring some fun back to what may have become a routine, boring bedroom.  Most of the time, they’re curious.  Often, they have no idea where to start.  Maybe the girls are screaming about vibrators and all the media can talk about is bondage, but what’s all of that talk really entail?

That’s the beauty of an Adam and Eve retail location.  We think shopping for marital aids, adult novelties, sex toys, etc. ought to take place in a safe, comfortable and attractive environment.  Women, especially, but men too, don’t want to drive to an industrial area and go into a store with blacked out windows to look for new ways to explore intimacy.  What’s intimate about that experience?  That’s why we strive to locate our Adam and Eve stores in retail areas with fun and attractive displays.  You won’t be walking into an Adam and Eve store confronted by a giant dildo in the window.  No way.  What you’ll see is a wide selection of lingerie, novelty items, supplies and gifts for bachelorette parties, etc.  You’ll see tasteful displays, lots of color, and above all, a fun, non-threatening environment.  Our stores are places that people enjoy.

What you get when you come to one of our retail stores is a knowledgeable sales staff to walk you through product features and materials.  You can see the products up close and the benefit of having someone right in front of you to answer questions, soothe concerns and put you at ease during the buying process, especially if you’re new to the world of adult novelties, is priceless.  And did we mention that it was fun?

Everyday, Adam and Eve store owners spend their time helping customers: find just the right party favors for their bachelor and bachelorette parties (or any other naughty occasion); discover the perfect club attire or piece(s) of lingerie to make a night special; and satisfy curiosities and desires that some customers might never have experienced because they just didn’t know where to start.  Sure, it’s fun, but it’s also really fulfilling to help a customer who came in on shear nerve to leave happy, excited and without embarrassment.  Sex is just another part of life, but whether people want to admit it openly or not, it’s an important one; and helping people create and fulfill a healthy sex life is what we’re all about.