50 Reasons to Let Adam and Eve’s Fifty Shades of Grey Collection Unleash Your Inner Dom

Fifty Shades of Grey has been a worldwide phenomenon for a few years now, and we’ve seen more and more women venturing outside of their bedroom boxes to experiment with some flavors beyond vanilla. Inner Goddesses have been winging into our stores alone and in flocks to take a look, have a giggle, and, ultimately, surrender to all things Fifty Shades. And why not? Variety is the spice of life, and the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L. James has added a whole new shelf to a lot of people’s sexual spice racks.

With the release of the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie, more and more people are getting to know Mr. Grey and his unique brand of charm. We can’t imagine you are immune to it, but just in case, here are 25 of 50 reasons to give Mr. Grey and his Red Room a chance. Subscribe to our RSS Feed so you don’t miss the next 25 reasons.

1. Book boyfriends give us a chance to open doors we may have never thought we’d want to walk through–but we really do. You’ve been offered a key to your own Red Room. Take it and explore.

2. You could learn a thing or two about giving and taking orders. And you might find you enjoy it.

3. Fifty Shades of Grey foil-packet condoms make great door prizes and stocking stuffers.

4. Control is overrated, and it can be liberating to give it up with someone you trust. Consider investing in a pair of Fifty Shades “Totally His Handcuffs” to start, they’re soft and gentle, with velcro for easy release. But–trust us–you won’t want to go anywhere.

5. You’ll go into your next contract negotiations meeting saying things like, “That’s a hard limit for me.”

6. Nobody hen pecks a dom.

7. If you really wanted to go to the masquerade ball with Christian–now’s your chance! Grab a mask, strap one on your partner, and you’ve got an instant Christian!

8. Batteries are cheaper in bulk.

9. After a spanking, our Fifty Shades “Spank Me Please” Spanking Ruler can accurately measure the size of the handprint left behind. It’s a two-fer: sex aid and household tool.

10. Christian Grey has far more to offer than your other messed up boyfriends.

11. Christian was so sincere when he said, “We aim to please,” that he had us print it right on a vibrating bullet –just for you. He’s so thoughtful.

12. You’ll get to channel your inner Kevin Bacon while shouting, “Thank you, sir, may I have another.”

13. Your Fifty Shades of Grey “Tease” Feather Tickler can double as a cat toy. Meow.

14. Because only Christian Grey could make you utter the words “Delicious Fullness Butt Plug” without giggling. There’s no giggling in the Red Room, sir.

15. Just like vanilla shakes are the perfect complement to French fries, pleasure and pain are like complimentary colors–they feel better together.

16. Christian likes to shop for more than just silver ties, but he really loves his silver ties, so you should keep one handy.

17. Safe words are fun. Don’t be afraid to be ridiculous.

18. E.L. James actually visited an Audi dealer to make sure that Christian and Ana could “perform” comfortably in the driver’s seat of an R8. That kind of journalistic research deserves a pat on the back (or a turn of the page, in this case). Throw her a bone and buy the book.

19. You’ll learn how to tie knots better than any Boy Scout.

20. What happens in the Red Room stays in the Red Room (but your Adam and Eve shopping cart might hear about it, too).

21. “Hurts So Good” will be your new personal anthem.

22. Taboos are powerful aphrodisiacs.

23. Your partner really wants you to read these books. Like, a lot.

24. They’d be cool with you seeing the movie, too, just to keep that Christian vibe buzzing.

25. Christian Grey is a giver (especially once he has you immobilized).

Not convinced yet?  Go check out our Fifty Shades of Grey Collection at one of our Adam and Eve Retail Stores and let your Inner Goddess out of her cage.  The world of adult sex toys and novelties might be just the place she’s been dying to explore.  Bring your safe word, if you like, but don’t worry–this line doesn’t bite (it spanks).  Biting is a hard limit.